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Welcome to the Coach & Horses Golf Section. We will be starting again in May 2012. Hopefully everyone is raring to go.

If you are interested in joining the Golf Section either speak to Jim Ford or Darrin Kerrigan. Each Golf Section member pays 10 per month for the funds (these will be used at a leter date for something we all agree on). These funds are payable from September of the previous year onwards. So if you want to join the section start paying in September and you start playing in May the following year.


We are going to reintroduce the Team Game this year! We have stuggled over the last years to maintain a membership list that allowed us to engage in this event.

The GP Point System is changing this year to reflect the changes made on the F1 circuit. This way players comming second at outing will find it harder to win this title!

We are also thinking of cutting players 1 stroke for comming second at an outing. This has been a thought for a number of years and we would invite comments from Golf Section Members on this topic! To do this register using the Login button above. After email activation you can login to your account and post messages to the message board.


  • 2012-04-26 17:11:20

    Test Comment!!!

  • Jimmy Ford wrote:
    2012-10-30 22:48:03

    Why don;t we have a meeting?

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golfimg2012 Golf Outings

The booked golf outings for 2018 are as follows:

There are currently no Outings!

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Learn The Rules

Many of our members have struggled with the rules (or in some cases bend them until they break). We have provided a link here to generally explain them.

Members should remember that they are responsible for informing other members of their mistakes and to query and rendered score.

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