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I have been designing and building websites for a number of years now. Recently Newbattle Golf Club went live and consists of a full member access website as well as a built in Content Management System.

If you are interested in having a website built then please feel free to email me for an estimate. I can be very competitive for small business websites and offer your business services from domain name registration through to server deployment, including multiple email addresses tailored for your business needs.


I provide various levels of development from standard website design through to full customisation, allowing user access, newsletter management, user control, WYSIWYG HTML dynamic page updates.

The table below, provides a rough guide of some of my website development services. The cost of the site development is largley based on the number of modules or functionality that you require for your wesite. If you require additional functionality I can quote for any additional requirements.

Website Services

Module Description Development Cost
General Website Design The site all members and non mebers see. Additional modules can be added to the site to incease functionality. 450.00
Website Maintenance I provide webmaster maintenance to websites making your life easier. Depending on the number of years you require this service for. Around 400.00 p/a
User Management Allow users to be added, deleted, updated to the system. Additional development requirements can be added 300.00
Newsletter Management Allow the creation of Newsletters as well as sending them to predefined user groups. Additional requirements can be catered for. 250.00
WYSIWYG Dynamic Updates Allows Admin Users to dynamically update website pages server side. Additional modules can be added allowing image updates, etc. 280.00
Diary Management Allows a dynamic Diary to be accessed from the website. Additional development can be catered for. 175.00


I also specialise in Electronic Data Interchange. I have provided the GAP Analysis and mapping instructions for several major corporations around the globe, including but not limited to Microsoft, Philips Lighting and Mitsubishi Electronics America.

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papiNet Workgroup

I have been a member of the papiNet Workgroup, responsible for the development and maitenance of the XML STandard used by numerous large corporations in the paper industry.

papiNet started as a project within the Publishing part of the paper industry. A number of major paper suppliers, large German publishers and printers worked together to create a common standard for electronic business transactions. Soon there was a requirement to develop supporting software for handling the transactions via the Internet. This work turned out so well, that it was decided to enlarge the pilot project to encompass other parts of the industry. papiNet Europe currently has over 20 suppliers and a wide cooperation with customers within the industry.

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