The Wee Man


His first Christmas was a great success. He got far too many presents, which I suppose is the norm! He wasn't quite up to opening them himself but he enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper and boxes just as much as his new bounty!

His second Christmas was a better affair as he had more of an understanding of what present were! The singing bear went down a treat! He got so many gifts, Hayley & Sean are going to have to build an extention to store all of them.


Surely this has to change. Celtic! I can see a wee Hearts strip headin' his way!!

Thankfully he's too young to for any permenant damage to have been done! When he grows up he'll know what team matters!!!

He will be 2 years old on March 26th 2012 so we are all looking forward to that event!

He's now at an age where we can take him on trips. So look out for Zoo trips and Golf Courses in his future!

dbay1First Birthday

The Wee Man's Birthday was a great event! I baked a cake for the occassion, yes you heard it here, I baked a cake!

Favourite Things


Cars II


Running about daft!